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Many people across the country are victims of construction contracts that ended up in trouble. In some cases, these contracts were broken even before the building was built. Does this sound like something you’ve experienced? Or, perhaps it’s a friend who was in such a situation? We both know that such issues always end in litigation, and the involved parties have no option other than getting the help of a lawyer.

When closing a construction deal and signing a contract, it’s important to hire a lawyer who helps in making sure the contract is solid and clear of vague information. Whether it’s a residential or commercial construction contract, signing without having a legal representative present will result in serious complications. Lawsuits come into play when one of the parties, usually the construction firm, fails to fulfill the terms thereby breaching the contract. When there’s no contract, litigation will occur as a result of property damage or injury. Litigation becomes more complicated and difficult without the assistance of an experienced lawyer when the owner only provides an oral consent to the construction company on the work to be done. Here are circumstances under which to get the help of an experienced construction litigation lawyer.

Injuries through Construction Site Incidents

We get news reports of injured workers in construction sites across the country every year. Though these incidents have reduced with improved construction technologies, it’s still possible for contractors to harm people residing within your residence. When someone in your residence gets injured, litigation might be the first thing to consider, but hiring a lawyer can help explain other possible options. Hiring a lawyer will help you as the homeowner to defend yourself. At times, your homeowners’ insurance policies and medical insurance might not provide adequate coverage for the injury caused.  If the injury is so severe and there’s need for compensation, hiring a lawyer is the best option for a possible lawsuit.

Breaches of Contract

Breaches of the contract may occur in different ways. Failure to complete the construction within the agreed time is a breach of contract. It all depends on the terms of the signed contract between the owner of the structure and the construction company. Breaches of contract often lead to litigation. It’s recommended to include a lawyer in the drafting of the contract so as to ensure everything is reasonable and fair to both parties. It also helps to ensure the contract is enforceable.

Legal Assistance with Construction Incidents

If you’re faced with any construction issue that’s not completely covered and is more likely to result in future complications, you should consider getting a lawyer. Issues that may arise during the construction process include contract issues, injuries during work, and insurance policies. In most cases, homeowners don’t know how to approach such issues and even how to seek a settlement. Lawyers are legal professionals who understand how to initiate the settlement process and have everything running smoothly as far as the case is concerned.

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