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Fort Lauderdale has its fair share of photographable subjects, but nothing quite beats using people as your subjects. Using subjects like landscape photos most often of times will mean driving somewhere to take the photos. Once there, other factors like weather and light come into play. Using people as subjects give you total control of the narrative. All the elements of good photography are susceptible to your actions. Potential subjects present themselves in the form of friends and relatives. Strangers can also be subjects if you need them to be. Just remember to ask for their permission first. ¬†As every subject is unique, you can manipulate the conditions. If the light isn’t good, you can change it by moving to another set or using your flash. You can ask your subjects to wear different color of clothes as the only limit is your imagination. If you are an upcoming photographer in Fort Lauderdale, the following are some tips to get you thinking like a pro photographer in Fort Lauderdale.

Pick the Right Lens

Many photographers in Fort Lauderdale tend to ignore the importance of focal length of the lens. Read up on the different lenses you have and understand their nature and how to best use them to your advantage. Most digital cameras come with a standard kit zoom which is already an excellent tool for taking photos of people. Just set it to a standard focus and work from there. Instead of zooming in and out, move around the set. By doing this, youu’ll learn the characteristics of the focal length that you’re using.

Build rapport with your subject

For many a photographers, this might be considered the most important skill of all! If you master this, and you’re well on your way to becoming an expert photographer. If you’re new to photography start off by photographing someone that you know. Your objective as a photographer is to get them to have fun and relax. When you meet this objective, good photos are sure to follow.

Play with different light

Many photographers in Fort Lauderdale tend to ignore the overcast skies and late afternoon sun. These are the best light conditions for portraits. Direct sun is bad when taking photos of people as it regularly forces people to squint and casts shadows on their faces. Backlighting is also one aspect you could try. This approach, however, requires you to watch out for flare. You will also be required to use a reflector or camera flash to project light onto your subject.

Play With Movement

As a professional photographer, you will need to rely on your creativity. Ask your subject to move around as you capture still objects or vice versa. For this, the use of a camera stand is highly advised.

Avoid posing

As a photographer in Fort Lauderdale you will learn that by encouraging your subject to play around, you will get better results. Posing is a great technique, but people tend to get carried away by this approach leading to dull photos.

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